Company Information

Meet the team
Technical Staff
Our technical staff have over 15 years of combined experience in the IT industry. Our technical staff are available for technical support at anytime.

Michael McDonnell::
Michael has a Degree in Science and Computing from the Institute of Technology Tralee, he is going on to complete the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) in October 2011. Michael has applied himself very well to the family, becoming a full partner along the way,

Donal O'Connor:
Degree in Science and Computing from the Institute of Technology Tralee.
Donal is a network administrator for Windows, Linux & Unix systems with 13 years of experience in the field.
Software programming in C/C++ and Java, System design, Web Technology, Relational Database, Networking, System Architecture, Storage Technology
MSCE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer ( Windows Server 2003 )
CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)
Sun MicroSystems Certified Java 2 Programmer
Sun MicroSystems Certified Web Component Developer

Sean Dineen
Sean is a webmaster with more than 5 years experience creating many websites with multiple content management systems

Hosun Oh
Hosun is our newest member of staff she brings with herself a varied range of web development skills.

Our Products
  • Mozy Online Backup
  • Avast Anti-Virus
  • Microsoft Server
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Exchange / Corporate Email System Setup
  • WSUS Deployments
  • Virtualisation
  • GFI Mail Security
  • GFI Spam Filters
  • SonicWall Network Security
  • Network Security and Intrusion Detection
  • Monthly Server Health Checks
  • UPS Installation
  • Data Recovery
  • DNS Hosting
Home Users

Can you answer yes to any of the questions below?•Just bought a new computer and a little confused about where all the wires go? •Bought a new Printer and can't get it to work properly? •Worried about what the kids are looking at on the internet? •Not sure if your antivirus is good enough or if its even working? •Have you been infected by a virus or spyware? •Lost all of your photo's or music? •Broadband not working? •Want wireless internet for around the house? •Not sure if your wireless router is secure? •Funny popups keep flashing on your PC while you are working? •Your PC is running slow? Call us and we will call to your home and advise you on the best course of action, if we have to we will take your computer away, repair it and return it the following day, we can guarantee you will not lose any data.


What we can do for your business

Computer Central have developed a number of support packages to meet your organisations needs and Service Level Agreements. These include:

Network & Security Audit
A security audit is a systematic evaluation of the security of a company's information system by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria. A thorough audit typically assesses the security of the system's physical configuration and environment, software, information handling processes, and user practices. Security audits are often used to determine regulatory compliance, wake of legislation that specifies how organizations must deal with information. Security audits measure an information system's performance against a list of criteria.


IT Maintenance for your school

Some schools request a set amount of support days per week, some require just when they need us, in essence we are here to offer both pro and reactive support, packages are tailored around your needs not ours.

We offer comprehensive cover on servers, laptops, printers and of course PC’s all at discounted educational rates. When it breaks we can be at your school within an agreed set time, a yearly contract includes all parts and labour. We can even bring along a replacement server and restore your data to be sure you are back to normal within 24 hours.

In line with our aim to be carbon neutral we try to fix most problems remotely, this helps to reduce transport costs, passing on savings to you and kinder to the environment. We do this using secure internet connections that can offer full fault management, we can even backup your servers remotely, no more backup tapes and the responsibility is with us to ensure that backups are secure and up to date.

Support services

  • CRB cleared
  • Onsite when you need us most
  • Available by the hour or by the day
  • Same engineer assigned to your school
  • Will take on your full ICT requirements from installing software to installing servers to network cabling so you can concentrate on teaching.
  • Proactive and reactive support available, we work in complete partnership with you.
We provide free website hosting for all of our support contract customers

Computer Central has built an enviable reputation for its shared hosting packages. Just because it’s a shared server hosting your company’s web site doesn’t mean you should expect to compromise on reliability, speed and resilience.

Coupled with our excellent customer support it is small wonder that companies ranging from household names to the many thousands of SME’s that keep the business world turning are happy to rely on our shared server platform to keep their online business turning.

Key Features
High availability
Network redundancy
RAID mirroring
Control Panel
High security hosting facility
Packages to suit most requirements or build your solution
Guaranteed Uptime backed by Service Level Agreement

Business Benefits
Control - real time control of your services
Flexible - easy/instant upgrade path
Secure - peace of mind
Speed - keep visitors “sticky”
Availability – don’t lose business because your hosting company can't cope